Android Platform Codelab Kickstarts OS Development

Posted by Sam Saccone, Software Engineer and Clay Murphy, Technical Writer

The Android Platform Codelab has been published to take developers from bare metal to a (virtual) device under test in a single page. This document will help new Android operating system engineers quickly learn the tools and processes needed to establish a build environment, sync the repository, build a virtual device image, and load that image onto an Android virtual device (AVD), allowing quick iteration of platform changes.

The codelab walks through:

  1. Environment setup

  2. Downloading of code

  3. Creating a Cuttlefish Android Virtual Device (AVD) image

  4. Building the OS

  5. Using Acloud to set up and render the Cuttlefish AVD

  6. Creating and testing changes

  7. Uploading, reviewing, and reverting those modifications

If you encounter errors during this codelab, please report them using the Site feedback link on the bottom of any page. Send questions to the android-building group.

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