A look back at the most read Google Play posts on Medium in 2017

Posted by Sergejs Cuhrajs, Community Manager, Google Play

Earlier this year we launched the href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev">Google Play Apps & Games publication on
Medium to help developers discover best practices and insights to grow
successful apps and games businesses on Google Play. As we draw closer to the
end of the year we thought it's a good time to revisit some of our most popular
posts according to you – our readers.

It's clear that many of you are excited by the potential of new technology, such
as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and how it could enhance
user interaction with your apps and games. You're also concerned with everyday
issues including how to keep your APK size manageable, how to acquire new users,
and how to monetize games without pushing away your players.

So without further adieu, here's the list of the top 10:

  1. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/applying-human-centered-design-to-emerging-technologies-6ad7f39d8d30">Applying
    human-centered design to emerging technologies

    (by By Peter Hyer, Fabian Herrmann, and Kristin Kelly, 7 min read)

    VR, AR, and digital assistant present exciting opportunities for the future, but how can we ensure
    we're designing for what people really want?
  2. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/shrinking-apks-growing-installs-5d3fcba23ce2">Shrinking
    APKs, growing installs

    (by Sam Tolomei, 6 min read)

    Smaller APK
    sizes correlate with higher install conversion rate on Google Play - we share
    tips for keeping your apps lean.
  3. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/who-plays-mobile-games-8b33f76bb6d8">Who
    plays mobile games?

    (by Allen Bevans, UX Researcher at Google, 6 min

    Four actionable insights for game developers based on our research
    into different player segments.
  4. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/why-the-first-ten-minutes-is-crucial-if-you-want-to-keep-players-coming-back-to-your-mobile-game-4a89031b6308">Why
    the first ten minutes are crucial if you want to keep players coming back

    (by Adam Carpenter, 7 min read)

    How to analyze your retention data so you can keep players coming back again
    and again.

  5. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/design-your-app-for-decision-making-e9e5745508e4">Design
    your app for decision-making

    (by Jeni Fisher, 10 min read)

    tips and strategies for encouraging desired user behavior in your apps. Also
    check out follow-up posts on href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/the-right-app-rewards-to-boost-motivation-c1ec86390450">boosting
    motivation through app rewards, and href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/the-promise-of-persuasive-apps-98b428ee18ef">common
    pitfalls of persuasive app design.
  6. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/predicting-your-apps-monetization-future-27180e82ae34">Predicting
    your app's monetization future

    (by Ignacio Monereo, 10 min read)

    Learn about predictive analytics and calculating your apps lifetime value (LTV)
    to gain practical insight into the future of your app. In the second part
    Ignacio shares how to href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/predicting-your-apps-future-65b741999e0e">calculate
    LTV based on five popular monetization models.
  7. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/five-tips-to-improve-your-games-as-a-service-monetization-1a99cccdf21">Five
    tips to improve your games-as-a-service monetization

    (by Moonlit
    Beshimov, 9 min read)

    5 proven strategies to improve your game revenue
    without driving players away.
  8. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/an-introduction-to-in-app-a-b-testing-c5a9a69a3791">An
    introduction to in-app A/B testing

    (by Gavin Kinghall Were, 13 min

    Learn how in-app A/B testing can drive insight into your app's future
    design and development, and maximise its performance.
  9. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/taking-the-guesswork-out-of-paid-user-acquisition-720d9d74882e">Taking
    the guesswork out of paid user acquisition

    (by David Yin, 8 min

    A simple tool to help you estimate lifetime value (LTV) of your users
    and what to spend to grow your audience.
  10. href="https://medium.com/googleplaydev/rethinking-interface-assumptions-in-ar-selecting-objects-a6675c7c1d1c">Rethinking
    interface assumptions in AR: selecting objects

    (by Aaron Cammarata, 8
    min read)

    In this article for beginner AR developers we explore one of the
    most fundamental user interface actions: object selection.

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