Get the updated Playbook app for news and tips to help you grow your business on Google Play

Posted by Dom Elliott, Developer Marketing, Google Play

Get the latest Playbook app for developers to learn about features, best
practices, and strategies to succeed on Google Play. Discover insights from
Google to help you develop and launch your app, engage and grow your audience,
and earn more revenue. With localized content, the Playbook app for developers
is available in 14 languages (href="">English, href="">Bahasa
Indonesia, href="">Deutsch,
(Latinoamérica), href="">le
français, href="">português
do Brasil, href="">ภาษาไทย,
Việt, href="">Türk,
язы́к, href="">한국어,
(简体), href="">中文
(繁體), and href="">日本語).

Thank you to all the beta testers who provided valuable feedback (keep it
coming!). With the latest update, we have simplified the user experience,
improved content discovery, and automated notifications for different types of
content (which are customizable) to help you stay up to date, among other
improvements. You can also add tags to the home screen based on your interests
to easily see posts and videos that are relevant to you.

To get started, install the updated href="">Playbook app for
and then:

  • Follow the onboarding and sign in with your Google account.
  • Read the latest posts on the home screen
    and add tags from the settings screen which match your interests..
  • Explore in-depth best practices written by Google in our
    guide, and see the top articles for grouped by your objectives:
    develop, launch, engage, grow, and earn.
  • Discover the latest posts and videos from
    Google and experts across the industry and filter by interest tags.
  • Save content so you can view posts and videos on your home
    screen and access relevant content more quickly.

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