Android Things Hackster Community

Posted by Dave Smith,
Developer Advocate for IoT

Android Things
makes building connected embedded devices easy by providing the same Android
development tools, best-in-class Android framework, and Google APIs that make
developers successful on mobile. Since the initial preview launch back in
December, the community has turned some amazing ideas into exciting prototypes
using the platform.

To empower these makers and developers using Android Things to share and learn
from each other, we have partnered with href=""> to create a community where aspiring
IoT developers can go to showcase their projects and get inspired by the work of
others. is a community of 200,000 engineers and developers dedicated
to building internet-connected hardware projects. They also seek to educate and
challenge members through live workshops and design contests.

We are eager to see the projects that you come up with. More importantly, we're
excited to see how your work can inspire other developers to create something
great with Android Things. Visit our href=""> community to see the amazing
projects others have already built and join the community today!

Android Things Webinar

We will be hosting a webinar in cooperation with on July
7th, 2017 at 10AM PST
titled Bootstrapping IoT Products with
Android Things
. During this time, you will learn how we have designed
Android Things to address many of the pain points experienced by developers
attempting to build IoT products. You will also have the opportunity to send in
questions you have regarding the platform and ecosystem. href="">Register
today to join us for this exciting event!

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