User experience tips to help you design your app to engage users and drive conversions

By Jenny Gove, Senior Staff UX Researcher, Google Play

We know you work hard to acquire users and grow your customer base, which can be
challenging in a crowded market. That's why we've heard from many of you that
you find tools like store
listing experiments
and universal
app campaigns
are valuable. It's equally important to keep customers engaged
from the beginning. Great design and delightful user experiences are fundamental
to doing just that.

We partnered with AnswerLab to conduct comprehensive user experience research
across a variety of verticals; including e-commerce, insurance, travel, food
ordering, ticket sales and services, and financial management. The resulting
insights may help you increase engagement and conversion by providing guidance
on useful and usable functionality.

The best app experiences seamlessly guide users through their tasks with
efficient navigation, search, forms, registration and purchasing. They provide
great e-commerce facilities and integrate effective ordering and payment
systems. Ultimately, an engaging app begins with attention to usability in all
of these areas. Learn tips on:

  • Navigation & Exploration

  • In-App Search

  • Commerce & Conversions

  • Registration

  • Form Entry

  • Usability and Comprehension

You can read the full article, design
your app to drive conversions
, on the Android Developers website, complete
with links to developer resources. Also get
the Playbook for Developers app
to stay up-to-date with features and best
practices that will help you grow a successful business on Google Play.

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