Publish your app with confidence from the Google Play Developer Console

Posted by Kobi Glick, Product Manager, Google Play

Publishing a new app, or app update, is an important and exciting milestone for
every developer. In order to make the process smoother and more trackable, we're
announcing the launch of a new way to publish apps on Google Play with some new
features. The changes will give you the ability to manage your app releases with
more confidence via a new manage releases page in the Google Play Developer Console.

Manage your app updates with clarity and control

The new manage releases page is where you upload alpha, beta, and production
releases of your app. From here, you can see important information and the
status of all your releases across tracks.

The new manage releases page.

Easier access to existing and new publishing

Publishing an app or update is a big step, and one that every developer wants to
have confidence in taking. To help, we've added two new features.

First, we've added a validation step that highlights potential issues before you
publish. The new "review and rollout" page will appear before you confirm the
roll out of a new app and flag if there are validation errors or warnings. This
new flow will make the app release process easier, especially for apps using
multi-APK. It also provides new information; for example, in cases where you
added new permissions to your app, the system will highlight it.

Second, it's now simpler to perform and track staged roll-outs during the
publishing flow. With staged rollouts, you can release your update to a growing
% of users, giving you a chance to catch and address any issues before affecting
your whole audience.

If you want to review the history of your releases, it is now possible to track
them granularly and download previous APKs.

Finally we've added a new artifacts library under manage releases where you can
find all the files that help you manage a release.

Start using the new manage releases page today

You can access the new manage releases page in the Developer Console. Visit the
Play Developer Help Center
for more information. With these changes, we're
helping you to publish, track and manage your app with confidence on Google

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