App Security Improvements: Looking back at 2016

Posted by Rahul Mishra, Android Security Program Manager

In April 2016, the Android Security team described how the Google Play App
Security Improvement (ASI) program has helped developers fix
security issues in 100,000 applications
. Since then, we have detected and
notified developers of 11 new security issues and provided developers with
resources and guidance to update their apps. Because of this, over 90,000
developers have updated over 275,000 apps!

ASI now notifies developers of 26 potential security issues. To make this
process more transparent, we introduced a new page where
developers can find information about all these security issues in one place.
This page includes links to help center articles containing instructions and
additional support contacts. Developers can use this page as a resource to learn
about new issues and keep track of all past issues.

Make sure to check out our new Security for Android Developers page, which highlights the latest
security posts, security best
practices documents
and security
. These resources are all aimed at improving your understanding of general
security concepts and giving you examples that can help you address app-specific

How you can help:

For feedback or questions, please reach out to us through the Google PlayDeveloper Help Center.

To report potential security issues in apps, email us at

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