New video tips to help news publishers find success on Google Play

Posted by Tamzin Taylor - Strategic Partner Lead, Google Play

Today we have released a three-part video series ‘Tips for
your news app on Google Play’
, where you can find actionable tips
and learn best practices for developing, launching and monetising a high quality
news app. The video series accompanies the recently published href="">News
Publisher Playbook.

the video series to learn:

  • 10 tips on how to design and develop your News app
  • 10 tips to help you launch your News app and start gaining readers
  • 10 tips to engage your readers and monetize your News app

You can also href="">get
the News Publisher Playbook on the Play Store to help you develop a
successful news mobile strategy on Android. It includes tips on mobile website
optimization, how to create a Google Play Newsstand edition, how to improve your
native app, and more.

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can continue to help you find success with and achieve your business objectives.
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Also, href="">check
out our other videos in in the Tips for Success on Google Play series,
including the recent video on href="">10
tips to build an app for billions of users.

For more best practices to find success on Google Play, href="">get the new
Playbook for Developers app.

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