Grow your business on Google Play with help from the new Playbook for Developers app

Posted by Dom Elliott, the Google Play team

Today, the href="">Playbook for
mobile app is now
generally available for Android devices. The app helps you stay up-to-date with
the features and best practices to grow your business on Google Play. Thanks to
all our beta testers over the last six weeks whose feedback helped us tweak and
refine the app in preparation for launch.

Here’s how you read and watch content in the Playbook for Developers app:

  • Choose topics relating to your business interests to personalize My
    with curated articles and videos from Google and experts
    across the web.
  • Explore the in-depth guide to Google’s developer
    products, with articles grouped by what you’re trying to do: develop, launch,
    engage, grow, and earn.
  • Take actions on items – complete, share, save, or dismiss them – and read
    your Saved articles later, including offline if they’re
    written in the app. A data connection will be needed to read articles and videos
    from across the web.

The app supports Android 5.0 and above. If you're on an older device, check out our ebook, The Secrets to App Success on Google Play. We will be adding and updating content
in the app to help you stay up-to-date and grow your business. href="">Get the Playbook
for Developers app today and then href="">give us your feedback. The app is
also available in the following languages: href="">Bahasa
Indonesia, href="">Deutsch,
(Latinoamérica), href="">le
français, href="">português
do Brasil, href="">tiếng
Việt, href="">русский
язы́к, href="">한국어,
(简体), href="">中文
(繁體), and href="">日本語.

This is the second app we’ve released for Google Play developers. Get the href="">Google Play Developer Console app to
review your app's performance statistics and financial data, get notified about
your app's status and publishing changes, and read and reply to user reviews on
the go.

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