Paradise at last march 30 2010 denise - Douglas Playa
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Paradise at last march 30 2010 denise


March 30, 2010

Denise and I have returned to our home in Zihuatanejo after 12 weeks in Arizona where I underwent surgery and treatment for brain cancer.

Thanks to Rehabilitation Team 4--Christina, Evan, Javi, and Kaela--all professional therapists at Good Samaritan Rehab in Phoenix, and all the doctors and nurses who attended me so expertly and compassionately, I now feel strong enough in body and mind to again maintain this blog, complete a novel left undone on my desk, and attempt to fly fish from the confines of my new wheelchair.

The municipal pier comes to mind as a probable location for this adventure and perhaps the concrete pad at the trail-head to Playa Las Gatas will also prove wheelchair friendly.

I have not had much experience fishing from the town pier, a popular location for local fishers casting lures and bait using hand-lines and spinning gear. However, the deep pool at the Las Gatas trail head I have often fly fished. At this location I have brought to hand quite regularly plump Cabria by casting tan-back Clousers from the edge of the concrete pad that is just about all that remains of an elaborate hotel gone to ruin many a year ago the remains of whicht still overlook the water at this location. l have caught my share of fiesty Needlefish here too--the largest 39 inches. I have also caught uncountable Jacks and Pargo from the rock-strewn deep pool at this location.The relatively flat concrete pad along the water front, likely used for the old hotel's parking lot seems a particularly safe choice to fly fish from a wheelchair. The drop to the water is protected by curbing and the slope of the parking lot, though toward the water is not severe. The real problem for fly fishers working this location is the presence of trees and power lines that can ensnare the back cast.

Oh well! I will just have to pay attention to this possibility and keep the back cast out of range of these obstacles, and if I do snag a back cast, use of a light tippet will assure easy break off. I cannot exactly jump out of the wheel chair--and attempt to work out a solution that might save the fly!

Tight lines, 

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