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Fly Patterns for Zihuatanejo Bay

October 22.  Most any fish in Zihuatanejo Bay will strike the flies pictured here. All are variations of popular saltwater patterns developed in the 1950s by internationally known authors, respected fly fishers, and fishing buddies Lefty Kreh and Joe Brooks. Lefty invented the Deceiver, the third fly from the top, still one of the most popular saltwater patterns in use today. This is the only fly out of the five with a body made of feathers. The collar around the front of the fly, made from the tail hairs of deer (bucktail), helps hide the hook and minimizes snagging.
The other four flies are variations on Joe Brook's Platinum Blonde tied on various hook sizes and in several hues of dyed bucktail. Both patterns have a bit of tinsel for flash and a splash of red at the throat to imitate gills. The Deceiver is available at fly fishing shops catering to saltwater anglers and from Cabelas.
Joe Brooks original Platinum Blonde bucktail has, over the years, spawned a similer but eye-weighted pattern developed by Bob Clouser. The Clouser fly, a wildly popular and very effective tie that I have used to good effect in the bay will be the subject of a future column.
The pictured flies are between 1-1/2 and 3-1/2 inches long and are tied on hook sizes 2 through 6.


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