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... and Better and Better!

October 11. And Better and Better 
The remarkable jack fishing along the north shore of Zihuatanejo Bay continues. By first light, anglers have crowded all the popular angling spots along Fisherman’s Walkway and dozens more stand neck-deep in the balmy surf. The action slacks off in mid- morning, though some die-hard fishers continue throughout the day.
These small but mighty jacks seem a bit less weight these last few days, perhaps the average size is around a pound or a bit more, but the numbers of fish caught per angler seems on the increase.

Come each evening, a new rush of fishers arrive; men just off work, kids out of school, wives, girlfriends, and spectators. Older folks and mothers with toddlers sit on the beach, watch over buckets of fish, and carve up anchovy chunks for bait.
Sharp cries of victory carry above the roar of plunging surf. Young boys ferry bait out to fathers and older brothers and return gleefully through the surf with a just-caught fish for the family bucket.
What do these anglers do with all the fish? The anglers I have spoken to say they have a fish dinner each day, place some in the freezer (if they have such a luxury), and then offer the balance of the catch to neighbors. Jacks are a serviceable treat for the palate, not as tasty and nicely textured as tuna or dorado, but local cooks know many secrets to enhance flavor and to soften the rather firm flesh, including secret lime juice marinades and special salsas. Fish soup made of jacks is said to be delicious.

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