Verizon Galaxy S III To Receive Update to VRLG1

Verizon’s  Samsung Galaxy S III owners may be receiving an update soon.The updated software dumbs down the search feature and also introduces a new kernel. Samsung has already pushed the same update to both the Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S III.

When we talk about “dumbing down search capabilities” this is what you should expect. Currently, when you search via the search bar, it returns results from the web, apps, contacts, etc. all in a unified manner.As you probably know by now, Samsung is removing the ability to search the entire phone from the search bar on the Galaxy S III in order to avoid being taken to court by Apple.

There’s no telling when Verizon Wireless will start rolling out this update.If you are having any issues with your S III and get a replacement, your new device will already have been updated to I535VRLG1. The same is expected for those who go out and purchase one today. For all others no news of the OTA hitting, but will update you as soon as we know!


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